delivering education to anyone, anywhere.

About Us

Wizup is a start up company that is developing revolutionary software to educate and assess students. The systems deliver course material to students, and has an innovative engine which assesses students unlike any current "bricks-and-mortar" institute or massively open online course (MOOC) provider. The solution includes a cloud-hosted service, mobile, desktop and web-based applications.


Help universities significantly increase student enrolment and retention


Replacing the current learning management system with an adaptive and complete learning environment


Quantify the increase of student retention through a pilot study, using evidence based research


Doing the right thing at the right time with the right people

Our products

Revolutionary software to educate and assess students


ANYed is a fully interactive learning environment for any school, course or vocational education provider


ANYversity is a fully interactive learning environment specially tailored for the unique demands of higher education

Our Services

Student Services

Providing a fully immersive and interactive learning experience

Faculty Services

A platform to support student learning and assessment

University Services

Supporting an online global presence

Government Services

Supporting the strategic direction for a national skilled workforce

Industry Services

Helping find the right person for the right job

Community Services

Giving back by providing education to people in need

Our Team

Andrew Lizzio

managing director and founder

I'm Andrew

I like to teach, but need to learn.
I like to give, but need to receive.
I like to be normal, but need to be unique.

Maxim Yefremov


I am Max

Добро пожаловать! Я - Максим , и я здесь, чтобы доказать: - There are no problems, only opportunities - There are no bad students, only bad teachers, and - Your time is Now

Andrew Purdon

lead developer

I'm the other Andrew

I enjoy building things. Woodworking, renovating houses, and software applications. My position as technical lead has foundations in over a decades' experience delivering IT solutions.

Stephen York


Call me Steve

I have a wide range of interests and enjoying building things and solving problems. From manufacturing and repairing safety equipment to computer software and many other disciplines I enjoy challenges and providing solutions to meet people's needs